Q & A


Do I have to pay HJR Travel?

Absolutely NOT! We currently have no booking fees.

We only ask that if you utilize our services for quesions, quotes, or research that you allow us to book and confirm your reservation as that is how we are compensated by the cruise line or tour suppliers (no booking, no compensation). 

It would not be fair to have us do all of the work and another agency receive compensation for the reservation. I think you would agree that no one can work for free.

Do I pay any change or cancellation fees?

HJR Travel & Cruises charges a mere $50 per person cancellation fee per person on cruise and tour package reservations.  Our fee is in addition to any penalties/fees assessed by the cruise line or travel supplier.

This nominal fee offers small compensation for the work that we have already done on your behalf.  Remember that when a reservation is cancelled; our compensation is cancelled as well (once again, we cannot work for free). 

We will make reasonable minor changes at no charge, but multiple or complicated changes are subject to a fee of $25 per person, per request.

**Please note that any refunds due to you are returned by the cruise line or travel supplier to the card from whence they came (no exceptions).  Refunds can take as long as 60 days or more; this is out of our control.

Does this agency have a public location that I can walk into?

We are affiliated with Cruises & Tours Unlimited located in Jacksonville, FL.  Our entity is home based in Villa Rica, GA.  Without the expenses of office overhead our costs are significantly reduced, and our savings are passed on to our clients.

Optional Trip / Travel Insurance!


This valuable protection may cover non-refundable cancellation / change fees or penalties.  Medical coverage outside of your home country, emergency medical services.  This may reimburse you for the charges should you cancel for a covered reason.

Not that coverage may be in a refund to your card or in the form of a future travel voucher.

How long has this agency been in business?

HJR Travel & Cruises began its journey in 1995 in Pasadena, CA. Our journey eventually led us to Villa Rica, GA, in 2008, and we have been here ever since. We even weathered the pandemic, helping people always.

What form of payment does this agency accept?

Our agency can accept most major credit cards.  We also accept bank debit cards and some prepaid debit/gift cards.  We are NOT able to accept or process cash or personal checks.  This policy is for your safety as well as ours.

Please keep in mind that if using a debit or gift card, any refunds due to you will go back to that same debit or gift card (do not lose or destroy any gift card used).  If you change banks or get a new debit card; you will need to work with your bank to get the funds transferred to your new card.

Can you work within our budget?

Absolutely. We want you to have the best time without having to worry about overspending. So we work within every realistic budget you present to us while also suggesting edits and recommendations to create the perfect travel plans.

What are the benefits of booking with HJR Travel & Cruises?

Our agency will help guide you in the direction that will give you the long lasting memories we all dream of.

  • We help you save money; we can offer competitive rates and can price match.
  • You can save time by allowing us to do the work.  Then once it's done, you just relax till time to pack your bags.
  • We can shop multiple cruise lines or tour operators to offer comparable ships or resorts.
  • We serve you, not the cruise line.
  • You will benefit from our many resources, knowledge and personal experience.
  • You can reach us in the event of an emergency; you work with us rather that a computer.
  • No online computer can give you first-had knowledge.