Imagine a day where you lean back in your lounger on the private balcony of your cruise stateroom while being served your morning coffee with assorted pastries and fruit!

You take your first sip as the sun rises high above; the magnificent colors, and spectacular beams of light cascading over the ocean waves.  You smile, savor the aroma and taste the tidbits spread before you as the warmth of the sun begins to envelope your body. 

Now this is how you start the day...

Cruising With Disabilities

It is our belief that everyone deserves the cruise vacation of their dreams.  Ask us about the "Special Touch" services to assist those with special needs such as mobility issues or oxygen dependence. 

Your family cruise vacation is to include your children of varying ages, and your parents!  It is a multi-generational adventure.  You will want to be sure that the children have age appropriate activities, and that your parents/grand parents have a good (comfortable) time which includes Pop Pop or Nana in their wheelchairs.

Often times, the person with the disability is left at home while the family travels.  NO MORE.  It is possible to enjoy a cruise vacation with disabilities.  There are activities that you cannot participate in, but you can become the loudest cheerleader on the sidelines or the photographer that documents the events.

You will be working with our "Certified Special Needs Travel Advocate" who is in the special needs category, using oxygen and a motorized scooter and travels extensively.  We are NOT doctors or involved in the medical profession in any way shape or form.  We cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, disease, or condition.  You should involve your medical professionals in your travel plans and then work with us to plan the Cruise Vacation of your dreams!  

Don't let mobility issues or oxygen dependence keep you at home!

Contact us for assistance.