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Whether you're looking for a cruise vacation, an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, a family vacation, as individuals or as a group, I have you covered! Simply tell me; your travel specialist where you want to go and I'll help you figure out the rest.
While working with me, I want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about me or my agency, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! I hope you continue to book with me for many years to come.
I am well-versed in the fun and excitement of traveling. I have personally sailed on more than twenty cruises on a variety of cruise lines. I bring first hand knowledge to many Caribbean destinations and all-inclusive resorts. I began this agency to help other people plan and book their dream vacations.

 Cruising With Disabilities

I believe that everyone deserves the cruise vacation of their dreams.  Ask me about the services to assist those with special needs. 
Your family cruise vacation should include your children of varying ages, and your parents!  It is a multi-generational adventure.  You'll want to be sure that the children have age appropriate activities, and that your parents/grand parents have a good (comfortable) time which includes Grand Pop or Nana in their wheelchairs or scooters.
Often times, the person with the disability is left at home while the family travels.  NO MORE.  It is possible to enjoy a cruise vacation with disabilities.  There are activities that you cannot participate in, but you can become the loudest cheerleader on the sidelines or the photographer that documents the events.
You will be working with me; "A Certified Special Needs Travel Advocate" who is in the special needs category.
I am NOT a  doctor or involved in the medical profession in any way shape or form.  I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, disease, or condition.
You should involve your medical professionals in your travel plans and then work with me to plan the Cruise Vacation of your dreams!  

Don't let mobility issues or oxygen dependence keep you at home!

Contact us for assistance.

Good reasons to use our agency services:

  1. Time (your time), you spend hours surfing the internet, comparing sites; then ask just how much did you save on that trip when you factor in the amount of time you spent.
  2. Expertise; most travel advisors have research materials as well as first hand knowledge from their own travel experiences.  No computer can give you first hand experience.
  3. Support your local businesses or small businesses.  The big online sites are also travel agencies; they do not always have the best prices and further your dream vacation should be about more than just price.
  4. If you call cruise line A to discuss a cruise; they will only tell you what they offer
    1. Call an experienced travel advisor and they will ask questions to best determine the best cruise line for your wants, needs, and budget.
  5. Your travel advisor can be reached in an emergency!  Ever try to reach a live body for an online site?  After you find the number, is there a long wait on hold to get through to a rep?
  6. We care about you, and want to be sure that all goes smoothly.