Cruises for the Disabled

Live the adventure you deserve

Have you been in a situation where your loved ones are setting off on an adventurous vacation, but your physical challenges had you surrender?

With HJR Travel & Cruises, you will not come across such limitations. Your experiences should not become constricted due to physical impairments. That is why we are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to make your journey accessible, secure, and memorable.

While there may be a few restraints regarding food and activities, we assure you and your loved ones will have the most fun with HJR Travel & Cruises. You are free to bring your own mobility or oxygen equipment, or you can have our professional assistance in finding the best suitable rentals for you. Our accessible cruise arrangements will make your journey effortless.

You may not be able to participate in all of the activities, but you can be the loudest cheerleader or the best photographer in your group.

There is a doctor onboard for emergencies only.  We work with leading reputable companies to provide you with the finest quality mobility and oxygen equipment. Furthermore, a member of our crew is differently abled as well, so you can rest assured that first-hand knowledge and resources help us to recommend the best suppliers.

Nonetheless, we strongly urge you to consult with your physician or medical professionals before making any cruise or Caribbean travel plans to identify potential risks, if any.

We are NOT doctors or in no way involved with the medical professionals.  We cannot diagnose, treat, prevent, cure any illness or disease or offer medical advice, nor can we guarantee use of disability equipment or condition of the same.

We can, however, work with reputable companies that supply the disability equipment and a member of our staff is a "Special Needs Traveler" so personal experience is a plus. We can advise on cruise lines policies and restrictions for anyone that is oxygen dependent, or with physical challenges.   You must discuss your travel plans with your doctor or other health care professionals and then work with us to plan the Cruise Vacation of your dreams!