Disability Equip

 HJR Travel & Cruises believes everyone deserves the cruise experience.  Often times, the disabled family member choses to remain at home, but NO MORE!

We have a Certified Special Needs Travel Advocate to ensure you know your rights as a special needs traveler and are best prepared with essential information and equipment to ensure your trip is accessible, safe and enjoyable.

Yes, there are some limitations on foods & activities, but being the loudest cheerleader on the sidelines or the best photographer documenting the event is also an important contribution.

Bring your own medical equipment or we can assist you in securing rental equipment.

We are NOT doctors or in no way involved with the medical professionals.  We cannot diagnose, treat, prevent, cure any illness or disease or offer medical advice, nor can we guarantee use of disability equipment or condition of the same.

We are, however, work with reputable companies that supply the disability equipment and a member of our staff is a "Special Needs Traveler" so personal experience is a plus. We can speak to cruise lines policies and restrictions for anyone that is oxygen dependent, on dialysis, or with physical challenges.   You must discuss your travel plans with your doctor or other health care professionals and then work with us to plan the Cruise Vacation of your dreams!