About Us

Opening Doors To Adventure

Based in Villa Rica, GA, HJR travel & cruises is a travel agency for cruises and Caribbean travel that brings you sumptuous food, entertaining activities, and stunning views, that give you the smoothest sailing experience.

Are you ready to embark upon an experience of a lifetime?

Join us on an incredible cruise adventure that introduces you to the most gorgeous seascapes, picturesque sunrises, and sunsets, onboard entertainment, and much more, all while sitting in the lap of luxury.

Our crew consists of some of the most experienced and skilled professionals dedicated to taking care of you and your loved ones throughout the ocean adventure. Best believe your vacation is in the safest hands even if you decide to stay on land at a luxury Caribbean resort.

Where We Began Our Voyage

Our journey set off back in the 1980s when Yvonne took her first ever cruise vacation. Going into it blindly, she did not know what to expect when cruising in America. Nonetheless, the first cruise trip of your life is always an adventure. So, when Yvonne experienced and learned about it herself, HJR Travel & Cruises was conceptualized.

Established in 1995 in the famed town of Pasadena, California, HJR Travel & Cruises brings together all of the lessons learned from the cruising adventures of Yvonne along with the ways they could have been made better. From then on, we have been a travel agency for cruising and Caribbean vacations, serving clients nationwide.

HJR Travel & Cruises has since moved to Villa Rica, GA, and continues to provide the same services.

Our Goal, Your Satisfaction

At HJR, we believe that every individual’s needs are distinct and that is why we treat each client with a personalized approach and never take on the one size fits all mentality.

With us, your needs will always be personally catered to and cared for.