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HJR Travel & Cruises was established in 1995. We are a full service travel agency serving satisfied clients nationwide. Our specialty is in Cruises, Cruises for the disabled, and travel to Caribbean Resort Destinations.

At HJR Travel & Cruises, we value each of our clients as individuals. We work to satisfy your personal travel needs. Your privacy is of great importance to us. Your personal information is used only by this agency and its affiliates in planning your vacation and for our own marketing purposes. We value the trust you place in us and would never share or sell your personal data to any outside individuals.

In order for us to provide you with the best possible advice and services, our staff is encouraged to experience Caribbean vacations, and to sail on the high seas on various cruise lines. We want our recommendations to you to come from both personal experiences and our research sources.

Cruising With Disabilities

We believe that everyone deserves the cruise vacation of their dreams.  To that end, we assist travelers with mobility issues and/or respiratory problems or oxygen dependence.  As always, you must work with your health care professional to make certain you are clear to travel and that the rental equipment will sustain you throughout your cruise vacation.

All cruise ships are required to abide by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and portable oxygen can be accommodated.  Elevators take you from floor to floor, public rooms have ramps for use with wheelchairs/scooters.  Most food allergies/digestive issues can be accommodated with advance notice.

Select portable oxygen concentrators can be used on commercial airplanes while in flight.  The airports offer wheelchair assistance to take travelers from the curb to the gate and from the gate to the curb.  You can also use your own wheelchair/scooter and take it right to the gate of your plane and check it there and have it available to you when you reach your destination.

It is important to have a travel counselor that can help make your vacation a dream rather than a nightmare. Without a travel counselor; you're on your own.

We look forward to working with you on your next leisure vacation or business trip.